Refinance Loan

Credit refinancing

In today’s dynamic world, our present without loan is unthinkable. Loans are not just about people with low incomes and financial problems. Even people with good incomes often choose loans as a more convenient financial solution for investments, purchases, excursions, etc. in front of the alternative to pay in cash. Of course, it is important in this case what the loan product is and how it is profitable for the particular consumer.

That is why we are increasingly living on loan, and we often have more than one. However, servicing several loans is not only more difficult but also involves a waste of extra time and money. Adding to this and the need to remember the maturity of the loans and the various fees for managing them, the whole account is not in our favor.

However, we have a good opportunity to combine our loan commitments on our consumer loans into one, so we can control our costs and engagements much more efficiently and favorably.


Stick loan makes it possible to solve this problem in minutes!


Refinancing your obligations becomes easy, fast and at the most advantageous conditions. The requirements for the applicants for refinancing are between the ages of 18 and 70, to be Bulgarian citizens with valid identity documents and to be able to prove their income.


The application and refinancing approval service is entirely electronic and is available throughout the country. The applicant for the loan is only committed to filling in an electronic application for his loan. The response to the request is received in a customer-selected way – via SMS or by email.


As a company engaged in the cause of responsible and transparent loaning since its inception, Stick loan AD strictly complies with the provisions of the Offshore Financial Services Act and the terms of its license issued by the BNB as well as the best available practices in the field . That is why the company’s website has published full information on the loan products provided by the company. In addition, upon acceptance, the client receives an email and a contract together with the supporting documents where the borrower’s rights and obligations are clearly and accurately fixed.


All questions that arise during the application, absorption, and repayment of the loan obligation may be addressed to the loan organization in several ways: the countrywide customer service telephone number of the company; in the chat format of the site or the company email. Thus, each borrower can manage and control his / her loan at any point in the entire lending and borrowing chain.